Medium to Large object 3D scanning!

Mantis F5 Scanner

3DRevEng has invested in a new 3D scanner the Mantis Vision F5 unit. This new scanner will allow us to scan in just about any location and just about any lighting condition!

The Mantis Vision F5 hand-held 3D scanner thrives on complex environments and has been used for many applications as noted below but the possibilities are endless.

Ultra Portable 3d scanning

Mantis F5 Ultra Portable 3d scanning Unit

  • Marine applications: windows, engine rooms, piping etc,
  • Forensic and Law Enforcement: accident scanning, and scene measurement
  • Architecture and Construction Engineering: Stairwells, facade, renovations, concrete castings
  • Oil and Gas: complex piping, equipment, turbines
  • Art: statues, textures, sculptures, clay
  • Automotive: cars, trucks, van interiors, bumpers, retrofits, accessories
  • Film and Movies: props, people, cars, vehicles, etc.
  • Aviation: cockpit scanning, fuselage parts.
  • Orthopedics – scanning human body parts, prosthetics.
  • Industrial plants – machine documentation.

The accuracy and point density of the unit varies by how long you collect data and how far or how large the field of view is. For example

Accuracy of a single scan is up to 0.05mm at a distance of 0.5m from the object which relates to a field of view if 340mm x 410mm (Max Field of view is 3100mm x 3630mm @ a few mm accuracy)

Volumetric Accuracy of an item scanned is 0.5mm over 1000mm

Data Collection is 500,000 points per second the more you scan the denser the cloud will be.

The scanner is ideal for parts that can not be moved to a new location to be scanned, or are fused to a structure the data collected can be used to Reverse Engineer the parts, make duplicate parts, or inspection of large parts. If you need a STL, or CAD file no problem!

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3d scan car engine Under carriage 3d scan

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