Benefits of 3D Scanning

3D scanning systems are used within various industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and manufacturers. 3D scanning is the process of capturing digital information about the shape of an object with equipment that uses a laser or light to measure the distance between the scanner and the object. 3D scanning can capture very small objects all the way up to full-size airplanes. 3D scanning can be used for reverse engineering and computer-aided inspections (CAI).

3D laser scanners capture tens of thousands of points per second and allow us to inspect parts quickly.

3D model scanning could benefit the design process if:

  • Increase effectiveness working with complex parts and shapes.
  • Help with design of products to accommodate someone else’s part.
  • If CAD models are outdated, a 3D scan will provide an updated version
  • Replacement of missing or older parts

3D Scanning Advantages

  • Quickly capture all of the physical measurements of any physical object
  • Save time in design work
  • Ensure parts will fit together on the first try
  • Capture engineering optimizations inherent in manufactured parts
  • Utilize modern manufacturing on parts that were originally manufactured before CAD
  • Compare “as-designed” model to “as-built” condition of manufactured parts

Areas 3D scanning can be used