Geomagic Design Cad Software

Geomagic Design

 System Requirements

Core Functionality – Model Creation and Documentation

 geomagic design 3d model creation 3D Model Creation
Get the idea to working prototype fast. Geomagic Design offers a rich set of 3D modeling tools for the fast creation of complex geometry. Bottom-up and top-down design allows you to work efficiently. Everything you make is instantly editable, allowing for fast iterations. 
 geomagic design surfacing tools Surfacing Tools designGeomagic Design comes with Moment of Inspiration (MoI). Incredibly powerful and easy to use, MoI offers surfacing and rapid concept development capabilities so you can create more ergonomic, consumer friendly products.
 geomagic design sheet metal modeling Sheet Metal ModelingdesignIf your design calls for sheet metal Geomagic Design offers advanced modeling tools that make it easy. Flanges, closed corners, complex lofts, dimples, and many other tools combined with instant flat patterns get accurate and fast results.
geomagic design advanced sheet metal Advanced Sheet Metal Modeling designAdvanced sheet metal tools include: Conversion of normal or imported parts into unfoldable sheet metal parts, lofted flange creation, and contour flange creation. These tools fundamentally change sheet metal workflows, providing superior speed to the design process.
 geomagic design 2d Documentation creation 2D Documentation Creation
Turn any 3D model into a 2D drawing instantly. Comprehensive detailing tools make efficient work of fully conveying your intent. When you update your 3D model, all associated drawings update, including annontations, views, section views, etc.
 geomagic design design configurations Design Configurations designIf you work with parts that have variations on the same basic design then you need design configurations. Create variations of parts or assemblies and keep them in a single file. Simply choose which configuration you want to use at any point.
 geomagic design direct editing Direct Editing Toolset designA toolset dedicated to working with geometry when feature history is not available. Easily change the sizes of holes, or move entire parts of the model around without editing a single feature. Perfect for working with imported parts or making last minute changes.

Extended Features for Workflow Improvements and Downstream Applications

 geomagic design part library 2 Standard Part Libraries
designDon’t waste time modeling common components or waste money building things you can get off-the-shelf. Two part libraries offer millions of standard and manufacturer-specific components for every industry, all just a download away.
 geomagic design photorealistic rendering Photorealistic Rendering
designShow clients what they’re getting before it’s made and use it to win bids. Create compelling brochures to drive sales or create a beautiful virtual product line on a website. Rendering so easy you will be productive inside of 30 minutes with no previous experience, guaranteed.

Document Management designThe Alibre Vault provides complete document, process, and contact management. Supports every file type from Excel to PDF to 3D models. Easy to use with fast search and completely customizable to fit your business. Use it as a single user or deploy it across your organization.
 geomagic design Dynamics Dynamics for Geomagic Design designDynamics for Geomagic Design offers advanced motion analysis capabilities. Easily set up motion elements by reusing relationships you’ve already set up in the assembly. Graph things like a part’s velocity, position, and many other things. You can also export movies.

Import and Export Formats

CAD Neutral Formats

design elements design



  • 3D Import:
  • STEP, IGES, SAT, 3DM (Rhino)
  • 3D Export:
  • 2D Import:
  • 2D Export:


Extended Import/Export



  • 3D Import:
    Inventor, Pro/E, SolidEdge, Catia, Parasolid, SolidWorks
  • 3D Export:
    SolidWorks, Parasolid




Feature List



With first year of Geomagic Subscription Service $2400 USD

Installs and Operating System Support

Number of allowed installations 2
Native 32 bit support
Native 64 bit support


Integrated Tutorials
Easy, streamlined user interface

3D Modeling

Accurate Physical Properties
Parametric part modeling
Parametric assembly modeling
Drag-and-drop Constraint Management
Excel Driven Designs
Accurate Assembly Motion
Interference Detection
Re-use 2D Files (DWG/DXF) as the basis for 3D parts
Standard Part Libraries
Direct Editing for push/pull modeling
Intelligent part class and assembly class design

Sheet Metal Modeling

Basic Sheet Metal Design
Contour Flange Tool
Lofted Flange Tool
Convert Solid Parts to Sheet Metal Parts

Design Communication

Basic 3D PDF Publishing
2D PDF and Advanced 3D PDF Publishing
PhotoRealistic Rendering

2D Drawings

2D Drawing creation wizard
Full 2D detailing toolset
Automatic updating of 2D when design changes
Automatic and manual BOM creation
Automatic title blocks


Basic 3D Import
IGES – SAT – STEP – SolidWorks
Basic 3D Export
Basic 2D Import/Export
DXF – DWG – Image formats
Geomagic Translate – Extended 3D Import
Inventor – ProE – Catia – Parasolid – SolidEdge
Geomagic Translate – Extended 3D Export
Solidworks – Parasolid
Graphic Design / Other Export


Moment of Inspiration (MoI) surface modeling
Native Surface Manipulation Tools

Integrated Data and Process Management

Windows integration
Single-source data management
Check-in / Check-out
Secure access
Lightning fast and robust search
Scalable to large deployments
Highly customizable to fit your organization’s processes and requirements
Remotely accessible
Automatic notifications
Process definition and enforcement
Easily connect to existing databases
Further integration with Office 2007

Design Verification

Integrated Motion Analysis
Automatic Constraint Mapping(ACM) for automatically set-up motion elements
Real time graphical output for forces, positions, velocities, etc.
Excel output for motion analysis