Reverse Engineering to A CAD Model

Have you ever needed a rapid prototype part that you created in CAD fast! Getting a mold machined for one piece not an option!

With the use of Fortus 3D printer its durable plastic parts are ideal for functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and more. It features selectable resolution choices for speed and quality. What we need is a 3D Cad file and we can print your part and you will have it in your hands within days instead of weeks!

With mockups made on a  3D Printer, you can see your product before ever going into production. Models can be made and then sanded, painted, tapped and drilled, even chrome plated, to give you a reliable representation of the actual manufactured product. Mockups also allow you to catch design flaws and make the appropriate adjustments early and often throughout the design process.


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Evaluate and optimize product design using fused deposition modeling (FDM) without the time and cost of machining or outsourcing.

Produce jigs, fixtures, tooling masters and production tooling in hours—not days—using FDM.

Inexpensive 3D prototyping creates functional models tough enough to test and optimize early in the design cycle.

Create low-volume FDM parts tough enough for integration into the final product without the expense of machining.