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COMET LƎD 5MP is particularly well suited for the quality assurance of small and medium-sized plastic or metal parts.

The non-contact measurement principle of the COMET LƎD sensor offers the possibility to measure delicate and fragile objects (e.g. of plastic or foam material) that are very difficult to measure using conventional measuring machines/tactile measuring heads.

The BLUE LED technology of the COMET LƎD sensor allows capturing up to 2M measurement points in only about 1.5 seconds. Parts with many features can be captured many times faster using this process than using conventional tactile systems.

Application Areas:

Quality Control / Inspection
Comparison of actual data with nominal data (part to CAD)
Mold and Toolmaking
Tool reconstruction
Scan data for generation of milling tool paths
Documentation of actual 3D data at tool release
Scanning of design models for further processing of CAD data, documentation
Rapid Manufacturing
Acquisition of 3D data for Rapid Prototyping
Reverse Engineering
3D Scanning
Scanning of art/historical objects, archaeology


Delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate results, COMET LƎD is also ideal for demanding applications in quality assurance. The unique solution can even be combined with photogrammetric processes to digitize large objects. Like all Steinbichler 3D scanners, COMET LƎD is calibrated using traceable calibration methods.

We have 45mm, 100mm, 250mm, 500mm, 800mm lenses sets

Specifications for the 5M are listed below